a long winter’s nap, an offer and two goldens

not only has the california drought basically come to an end, but my Z has finally made it out of the garage! i didn’t realize how much less (fewer?) i drive it when there’s the threat of rain. and today was a day of Z stories that it reminded me of one of the reasons this car is a keeper.

i got my mom and dad a video doorbell for my mom’s birthday, and figured i’d get the Z out for the quick trip to their house to in stall it. started right up after at least a couple of weeks in hibernation. i forget how fun it is. even for short trips. [sidebar – couldn’t take the 9000 because of a seatbelt issue… that’s a SAAB story for another time!] we got the doorbell in stalled, mom had a hair appointment and dad and i were hungry for lunch so i asked dad if he wanted to go get a sandwich.

as we approached the Z now parked in on the street in front of their house, a man waked by with two golden retriever puppies. yes, of course my dad insisted on petting them, and the gentleman owner, “Vladamere,” asked about my 240Z, guessing the year and ultimately striking up a conversation that lead to him asking if i might be interested in selling it. he said his son was interested in older cars “with no electronics.” i told him i wasn’t really planning on selling it, but who knows.

after a bit more conversation, he asked if i would stop by and show it to his son on our way out. he lived right around the corner.  i quickly agreed. his address was 512. i remembered that by association with the ferrari 512BB.

dad and i got in and drove to met vladamere at the house around the corner. his son was just leaving in his new mercedes SUV…he was going to urban garage to do some work on his custom guitar or his “fastback” mustang, i wasn’t sure. his dad kinda insisted that he get out of the merc and come look at the Z. he wanted him to see a good clean example of a 240Z. that felt good. the kid had long hair, and seemed to be pleasantly impressed but was in a bit of a hurry. i acknowledged his urgency and encouraged him to move along.

as he drove away, i reminded his dad i know where he lives, and he knows where my dad lives and if i get the hankering to sell it, i’ll for sure let him know.

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