the casual, knowing, two-finger wave

today’s drive didn’t have any blatant Z encounters, but a pattern started to emerge that i thought kinda fun… the 2-finger wave-of-knowing. (i think there is a similar thing among motorcycle riders–holding 2 fingers down low as they pass each other–so they say) the first was on PCH in some reasonably heavy traffic when i spotted a BMW SUV in camouflage black and white prototype paint with the window rolled down slowly going by the other way. i gestured, and he knowingly returned the favor. then a man in a cherry red ’65 mustang convertible going the other way along near giesler park. he returned the gesture. he was clearly out on a sunday drive too. the third was a bit obligatory but i will count it. i gestured to several pedestrians trying to cross in front of me on their way back to their car from the beach. and since i took my camera just in case, i also got a pretty good shot of the Z today. the rule is i never plan to stop any particular place unless i see a spot. if i do, i park and go take some photos. today, a car pulled out of a prime spot just above big corona and i did get some pretty pics. but more importantly, i got to just relax and appreciate the ocean and waves for a few quiet minutes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Ran_29_21_mi_on_8_23_15_on_08_23_2015___WALKING_Training_Log_Entry___MapMyWalk

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