thumbs-up to a 370Z


i was on the laguna canyon road just a mile or so in, part of the loop. the wheel balance issue was MUCH less noticeable since i upped the tire preasure to 40PSI (44psi max) so i was really happy. i pulled up along side a nice new white 370Z convertable (like the one in the picture, but i was driving, and my phone was acting as a speedometer since mine was on the blink, so you’ll have to settle for a stock photo) and gave the driver a quick thumbs-up. i could see by the looks exchanged between the 50-something couple that as the wife in the passenger seat looked over to the driver for an interpretation as to why the (old) guy in the old car next to them was giving them the thumbs-up, i like to think he knew exactly why and what to tell her, and gave her a brief history of the Z car and what influence it has had on the history of sports cars in general, but he may have just said nothing. who knows. all i do know is i was probably having more fun.

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